A Mother of a Campaign

Case Study

In a cluttered energy drinks market, Coca Cola wanted to inject more kick into its energy drink brand, Mother. So they called The Spaceship.

The Action
The Outcome

After diving into the world of MOTHER fans we opted to reach them via their greatest passions – video games and the MOTHER of an energy hit they need to power through the day.

We partnered with Coke’s rostered agency and Activision’s world-record-breaking Call of Duty franchise, brought in larger-than-life 80s action hero Dolph Lundgren and created a one-off opportunity for consumers to fulfil the storyline of the new Call of Duty Ghosts title by being kidnapped and rescued in a top secret operation by three of their mates.

A massive campaign across outdoor, cinema, TV, social media, on-can marketing and interactive POS displays with a Dolph photo opp all featured the characteristic MOTHER tongue-in-cheek humour.

Social and online were awash with fabulous feedback, and so was the cash register, with MOTHER boosting sales by a phenomenal 1.5 million cans over the duration of the campaign.