Curating What’s Cool

Case Study

To find an original way to showcase the latest laptop, 2-in-1 and tablet devices powered by Intel.

The Action
The Outcome

Going way beyond forecasting the latest fads and trends, iconic creative blog: ‘The Cool Hunter’ is so cool, it’s hot! And so is everything it touches, which is why when we heard TCH was coming to town with its playful “Summer Lovers” pop-up store in Martin Place we knew it must be powered by Intel.

Intel-powered devices were integrated into the store in an innovative way- complete with cute and colourful fit-out – cementing Intel’s street cred and giving the in-store Brand Ambassador opps galore to engage customers in unique hands-on experiences to bring the brand to life.

For starters, you can’t put a price on cool. But you can watch it happen. Curious customers couldn’t keep their hands off the product, and their comments and questions quickly showed the impact of Intel in-store. We might owe our Brand Ambassador a box of throat lozenges though, he chatted to 821 customers and showed off the gear nearly 200 times….but who’s counting?