Storytelling With Polycom

Case Study

Traditional presentations were losing their mojo and failed to reflect the breadth of Polycom’s innovative offering in the enterprise class communications sphere.

The Action
The Outcome

We were curious about Polycom’s business, and set about finding a cool and clever way to show it off. Forget Powerpoint, we put together an experiential space in downtown Melbourne where clients could come and feel Polycom’s technology first-hand.

The swish space was designed to showcase the future of video conferencing across four realistic environments, by totally immersing potential clients in a future-focused scenario, powered by Polycom: a mini-MCG complete with mobile teleconferencing solutions, home office, boardroom and (a masterstroke) a children’s hospital to show off cutting-edge mobile health solutions – complete with adjustable wheelie bed!

More than 100 new client meetings were arranged with a pipeline of $10 million generated through the experience. Who said B2B had to be bland?