The Big O

Case Study

Finding a way for HP to showcase their latest technology – HP Envy laptops – via Oprah’s much hyped “Ultimate Australian Adventure” to boost brand exposure both locally and on an international level.

The Action
The Outcome

We were only too happy to approach the Queen Bee’s production outfit, HARPO, to negotiate a priceless product integration. We to and fro’d until we pulled together a big idea that would not only be memorable but meaningful for everyone involved – getting Jay Z to visit and inspire the kids at Canterbury High School, surprising the kids with a visit to Oprah’s LIVE show and giving each and every one of them a HP Envy laptop in the ultimate gift of education.

The question here isn’t who saw the segment, but who didn’t see it. This money can’t buy memory for 600 students was broadcast in more than 132 countries, earning estimated media value of $8 million, not to mention the kudos for HP’s generosity and feel good factor we all got watching those kids – and their teacher – burst into genuine tears of joy.