U-Crew Breaks Through

Case Study

To promote Microsoft products – including Windows 8, Surface and Xbox – as well as external partnerships including Nokia, HP, Dell and App partners among university students nationwide.

The Action
The Outcome

To gain traction with this notoriously tough age group we figured we needed to show them the technology at work, not “sell” it to them so we recruited a team of up to 65 passionate student ambassadors, the Windows U-Crew, to positively influence their peers at 18 key Australian universities.

Activations range from the day-to-day, to major events (such as O Week), creative demonstrations during lectures and tutorials, fun interactions in Tech Lounges to cool competitions – with new ideas and activities emerging all the time.

Our crew is changing perceptions and building buzz on campuses throughout the country in what has quickly become a super successful program, with fab feedback from students, the universities and partners. During FY14 Windows U-Crew conducted 120,764 trials and their role as ideal influencers has been underscored by a 33% shift in favour of Windows 8. In addition, the program was responsible for a 101% uplift in sales as a result of deal exclusive offer.