You Got Smoked

Case Study

To ramp up awareness of the latest Windows phone.

The Action
The Outcome

When a band is hot, you take it on tour. When a phone is hot, you do the same. And while we didn’t play to packed stadiums, packed shopping malls can be just as full-on.

But we weren’t going to just waffle about Windows, we invited our new friends to participate in a challenge – who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition – to prove our funky phone could outperform theirs (whatever it was) across a range of timed activities. If they won, they scored a $100 voucher, if they lost, we won (so to speak).

We initiated more than 2000 conversations about the product (and lost our voices in the process) at Westfield shopping centres, roadshows and universities around Australia.  Guess what? Our win rate was 99% – you can’t get a better sales pitch than that.